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Quick Annulment

No Residency If Married in Nevada

We are the largest quick Annulment company in the country providing fast quick Annulments, with a 20 year success rate of over 99%.

A quick Annulment dissolves the marriage as though it never occurred in the first place and both spouses are returned to their prior marital status (ie single). You will need a copy of your marriage certificate for the process, or we can obtain it for you.

Victoria Crockett, President
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Nevada can take jurisdiction over the marriage for an annulment if:

• You were married in Nevada, even if both spouses reside elsewhere; or
• You or your spouse have resided in Nevada for at least 6 weeks with the intention of remaining indefinitely; or
• You are in the military and your military state of record is Nevada. In this case we would need a copy of your LES.


There are a number of reasons which qualify you for a quick Annulment. We include 35 reasons in Nevada Qualifications. Since these actions are somewhat complicated, you may wish to call us at 1-888-326-8876 for a FREE CASE ANALYSIS.

Grounds for quick annulment include:
• marriage that was void at the time performed (such as blood relatives, bigamy),
• a marriage that lacked consent (such as intoxication, insanity, underage), or
• a marriage based on some kind of dishonesty. Dishonesty generally involves one party misrepresenting some important fact to the other party, and that other party having relied on that misrepresentation as a basis for the marriage. To file an action based on dishonesty, you must have separated from your spouse shortly after learning of the dishonesty. NRS 124.340.

Joint Petition Annulment - (with both parties' signatures)

Cost - $400 for our Nevada Annulment services plus a court filing/handling fee of $325. This court normally will sign the annulment in about a week after filing. Nevada Annulment papers can normally be e-mailed to you the same day.
Nevada Annulment - Joint Petition $400 Start Now!

Complaint Annulment - (without spouse's signature)
You may apply for an annulment if the other party is not willing to sign or cannot be located.

Cost - $500 for our Nevada Annulment services plus a court filing/handling fee of $325 and personal service of approximately $100. If the other party cannot be located and served, a due diligent search must be done which is $125, and minimum publication cost of $150. This annulment takes about 6 weeks if the other party can be served or about 12 weeks for the case has to be published.
Nevada Annulment - Complaint $500 Start Now!

Nevada Residency - if not married in Nevada

If the parties were not married in Nevada, one (1) party must be a resident and pysically present in Nevada for a period of six weeks and has the intention of remaining in Nevada indefinitely. To prove your residency we type a Resident Witness Affidavit that another resident signs stating that he/she has seen you living in Nevada for 6 weeks. The witness must be at least 18 years of age who has lived in Nevada for at least the past six (6) months and may be a relative, friend or co-worker.

If you are currently in the military and your military home state (state of record) is Nevada, you may file for an annulment or divorce even if you now reside in another state or country.

If you choose Nevada Divorce for your annulment there is never a hearing required with the court systems we use. Other companies may require hearings and personal appearances.


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