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Nevada Divorce and Document Services Nevada Divorce & Document Services Call Now! Questionnaires - Start
Nevada Divorce and Document Services Nevada Divorce & Document Services Questionnaires - Start Call Now!

Las Vegas Divorce

If one party resides in Nevada, or 1 party establishes residency in Nevada, or is in the military with Nevada listed as the home state on the LES;

  • Attorney consultation available;
  • Full service, not just forms. We do all the work for you;
  • Papers are ready for you to sign usually within 1 day
  • No COPE class for Las Vegas residents - save $80;
  • No court appearance required unless it becomes contested;
  • Free inclusion of children, assets and debts;
  • Once the joint papers are signed, notarized & filed it normally takes about a week to be finalized;
  • A complaint, with only one part signing, takes about 6-12 weeks, depending on service.

Joint Petition - papers signed by both parties:

Cost - $300 for our typing services plus a court filing/handling fee of $325.
Las Vegas Divorce - Joint Petition $300 Start Now!

Complaint - papers signed by only 1 party or the other party cannot be located:

If one party resides in Nevada, or 1 party establishes residency in Nevada, or is in the military with Nevada listed as the home state on the LES;

Cost - $500 plus a court filing fee of $325; and service of papers to your spouse of about $100 for personal service (takes about 6 weeks), or if the party cannot be served, a due diligence search which costs $125 and publication of approximately $150 (takes about 12 weeks). However, if the other person contests the case it will take longer and we advise the client to hire an attorney.

To review Las Vegas divorce Statutes in their entirety go to Nevada Revised Statutes 125. To review Nevada child support statutes go to Nevada Revised Statutes 125B.
Las Vegas Divorce - Complaint $500 Start Now!

Nevada Residency

Nevada residency requires: one (1) party must be a resident and pysically present in Nevada for a period of six weeks and has the intention of remaining in Nevada indefinitely. To prove your residency we type a Resident Witness Affidavit that another resident signs stating that he/she has seen you living in Nevada for 6 weeks. The witness must be at least 18 years of age who has lived in Nevada for at least the past six (6) months and may be anyone, like a relative, friend or co-worker.

If you are currently in the military and your military home state (state of record) is Nevada, you may file for an annulment or divorce even if you now reside in another state or country.

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Our 100% Guarantee
Use Nevada Divorce's services with a peace of mind guarantee. We guarantee 100% Court Approval with properly signed documents, unless it is a complaint action and the Defendant contests. Read more in Our Guarantee.
Can the wife do a name change?
A name change is included in the paperwork at no extra charge. After the case is completed the wife can take the final decree to social services and the driver's license department for a change of name. If it is Complaint for Divorce and the wife is the defendant the husband can not require the wife to change her name.

How can we transfer a home to the other person?
The party releasing the home would execute and record a quit claim deed for the property to the other party. The transfer of ownership of the home will not change the debt for the home unless the home is refinanced. We can prepare the quit claim deed for you.

What needs to be put in the papers about child visitation?
Specific visitation must be included or the Nevada divorce might not be signed by a judge. Specific means days and time. If custody is joint the schedule must be very close to 50/50.

Please explain the Complaint process.
You complete the questionnaire online and we type the papers. You notarize everything and then we file with the court. The spouse would be personally served, but if that cannot be done, the Court requires a due diligence search to try to locate them and then it must publish once a week for 4 weeks. Your spouse then has 20 days to file an Answer. If your spouse does not file an Answer, we can file the remaining documents for the Judge to review.

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