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Dear Sir/Madam:

Attached to this letter is the questionnaire to form a Nevada corporation. Please fill out each question fully.

When completed, click the "Send Form" icon located at the end of the form and it will be automatically e-mailed to our office. Unless already paid please mail a check or money order, or provide credit card information where requested on the Questionnaire, for the $200 fee. Our office will call you to briefly review the questionnaire. Once the Articles of incorporation have been typed, our fees have been fully earned.

It is the intent of Nevada Divorce to assist clients in representing themselves in legal proceedings, or to prepare you to ask the right questions when consulting an attorney.

If you have any questions please e-mail or call the office at 1-888-326-8876.


We are a forms typing service

      Nevada Divorce are not attorneys and are not permitted to give legal advice. NRS 7.285.

       By submitting this form I acknowledge that I read, understand and agree to all disclosures and terms contained in this document.

       *Note: DO NOT hit the Enter/Return key at any time during the completion of the form. This will result in incomplete information being sent to us. If there is information you do not have available at this moment you can leave it blank and call the office later.

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Payment for Service - A fee of $200 is due when you begin our services.
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Mail a Check/Money Order to Reno at 338 California Avenue, Reno, NV 89509
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If a third party credit card is used, that person must also complete and fax an Authorization form to (775) 322-5583.
By submitting this form to Nevada Divorce I am authorizing the charge to my credit card for this purchase, the same as if I had personally signed a credit card purchase/payment receipt and I will be responsible for all collection fees and any other fees associated with the collection of my payment, should it become necessary.

Nevada Divorce's costs to type Articles of Incorporation does not include preparation limited liability corporations, trusts, partnerships or any other entity. It is the intent of Nevada Divorce to assist clients in representing themselves in legal proceedings. The supervising attorney supervises Neither Nevada Divorce & Paralegal Services, Inc., not any attorney supervising the preparation of the paperwork requested by the client, represents any client, as the attorney of record, in any legal proceeding. Inquiries as to the status of your case may be addressed no sooner than three (3) weeks after returning your signed documents to our office. We will normally respond to status calls in 24-48 hours. we allow two (2) free status calls for your case. Additional status calls will be charged $25 for four (4) additional calls.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR ERRORS AND OMMISSIONS: Read Carefully. In the event of any error in or omission of all or any part of our services, the parties agree Nevada Divorce or any supervising attorney's liability shall be limited to a pro rata abatement of the charges payable for such services performed by Nevada Divorce or any supervising attorney in which such error or omission occurs in the same proportion that such error or omission reduces the value of the service. In no event shall Nevada Divorce's or any supervising attorney's liability to customer for claims of any kind whatsoever for loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with any such error or omission exceed the total of such charges for the services. In no event shall Nevada Divorce or any supervising attorney be liable for any loss or punitive damages of any nature. In no event shall Nevada Divorce or any supervising attorney be liable for errors or omission or other wrongful conduct of any third party. The foregoing provisions shall apply to the full extent permitted by law and regardless of whether the claim is based upon contract, tort (including negligence of whatever degree), strict liability or otherwise and shall constitute Nevada Divorce's or any supervising attorney's sole liability to customer and customer's exclusive remedy against company in the event of such error or omission and customer specifically waives any right to any such claim for loss or damage. However, if customer does not desire to waive such claim for loss or damage, customer can agree to pay additional charges. If customer pays the additional charges, the customer in the event of errors or omissions may pursue all his legal remedies for such errors or omissions. Customers interested in obtaining additional information regarding this option should call the General Manager at 1-888-326-8876. Whether or not additional charges are paid, all claims based upon errors or omissions must be made during the case time which begins when the questionnaire is received by Nevada Divorce or any supervising attorney and ends when either the case is signed by the Judge or the case is closed by the customer or Nevada Divorce due to inactivity. All claims not made within the time period for claims are waived. No lawsuit may be brought for any relief based upon any error or omission unless a written claim is first made within the time period for making claims and in no event more than 3 months after the expiration of the time period for making claims.

        By submitting this form I acknowledge that I read, understand and agree to all disclosures and terms as contained in this document.

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