Child Support Information

What provision does Nevada make for child support payments?
Ordinarily, the spouse who has primary physical custody of a child will be awarded child support. In Nevada, the precise child support amount is determined as a percentage of the noncustodial parent's gross monthly income (income before taxes and any other deductions are taken out):

1 child: 18%
2 children: 25%
3 children: 29%
4 children: 31%
add 2% for each additional child

With rare exceptions, the minimum per child is $100 per month.

The court may "deviate" up or down from the resulting amount to compensate for such things as day care costs, the cost of medical insurance, transportation for visitation expenses, the noncustodial spouse's responsibility for support of other children, and other factors identified in the statute.

What if both parties have the child/ren equally (joint physical custody)?
Ordinarily, the State will take the proper percentage from the higher wage earner and subtract the proper percentage from the other wage earner. The higher wage earner will be responsible for the difference.

Are there state maximums for child supprt?
Yes, the maximums change every year on July 1st. Below is the update for July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018:

Income Level
Presumptive Maximum Amount Per Child
$0 - $4,235
$4,235 - $6,351
$6,351- $8,467
$8,467 - $10,585
$10,585 - $12,701
$12,701 - $14,816
$14,816 - no limit