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Nevada Annulment
Can be granted in days after filing!

No Residency Required if Married in Nevada

Established in 1995, we are the FIRST online Nevada annulment and Nevada divorce company and our services are guaranteed We are the only Nevada paralegal firm on the Internet that is attorney supervised and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Going through an annulment is emotionally difficult - let our caring and helpful staff to assist you.

We do all the work, including preparing the papers, filing the documents with the court and returning the finalized decree to you. If you choose Nevada Divorce & Documents Services for your annulment in Nevada a hearing is not required. Using a different company you may be required to attend a hearing because they file in counties who require them.



A Nevada Annulment dissolves the marriage as though it never occurred in the first place and both spouses are returned to their prior, single marital status.

You can file for an Nevada annulment if you and/or spouse..

were married in Nevada, even if both spouses now reside elsewhere, or
• has resided in Nevada for at least 6 weeks or
• are in the military and your military state of record is Nevada. In this case we would need a copy of your LES.

Nevada Annulment Qualifications
There are a number of reasons which may qualify you for a Nevada Annulment and we include over 30 reasons in Nevada Annulment Qualifications. You may wish to call 1-888-326-8876 for a FREE case conference. We do not charge until we accept the case.

•  A marriage that was void at the time performed (examples: blood relatives, bigamy), or
•  A marriage that lacked consent (Examples; intoxicated, mental incapacity) or
•  A marriage based on fraud or dishonesty. (Examples are: failure to live together, refusing to have children, undisclosed alcohol or drug abuse, criminal history or financial situation). To file a Nevada annulment based on dishonesty, you must have separated from your spouse soon after learning of the dishonesty.



Joint Petition Nevada Annulment - (with both parties signatures)

$400 for our Nevada Annulment services
$325 court filing/handling fee when the papers are filed with the court.

The court normally will sign the annulment in 3-4 days after filing.
Nevada Annulment papers can normally be e-mailed to you same day.

Nevada Annulment - Joint Petition $400


Complaint Nevada Annulment - (if the spouse is not willing to sign or cannot be located)

$500 for our Nevada Annulment services
$325 court filing/handling fee when it goes to court.

Then either:
$100 for personal service OR


If the other party cannot be located;
$100 for a due diligence search and
$100 publication cost (can be higher)

This Nevada annulment takes between 6-12 weeks depending on type of service required.


Nevada Annulment - Complaint $500



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